What Ignites Your Adventure?

There are the things you do because they are required for daily living. The errands and maintenance that simply must get done.

There are the things you do because they’re pleasant ways to pass the time. The neighborhood walks or the afternoon nap in a sunny park.

Then there are the things you do because they light your very bones on fire. The breath-taking, soul-fulfilling, make-your-heart-sing kinds of things. We believe these are the things that make us feel fully alive.

These are our favorite things, because they inspire us to explore and play and grow, to breathe deeper and love harder. In short, they ignite the adventure in us.

When we think about what makes us feel fully alive, a few things come to mind:

1. Exploring a place we've never been

2. Feeling small under a star-filled sky

3. Kayaking across the great water of Lake Superior


4. Eating delicious food taken straight from the garden

5. Reading a great book from the comfort of a hammock

sarah in hammock RMNP.jpg

The trick is, what ignites one person doesn’t necessarily do it for the next. Not everyone wants to travel all corners of the earth; only some dream of sweating and bleeding at an Ironman. It takes self-awareness and some time to identify those rare things that you would truly rather be doing more than anything else.

It does seem like an irrefutable truth, however, that Mother Nature has a damn near universal appeal to us all. Whether it be mountains or ocean, mossy forest or sunny meadows, our beautiful planet carries some kind of magic for each of us.

What are the things that make you feel fully alive? Connect with us on Instagram or Facebook and share your #igniteyouradventure moment. We’d truly love to hear your story and, most likely, feel inspired to find another adventure in our own lives.