Nature Is Female

One thing you might not know about us is that we’re a women-owned company. That’s right, Gitchi was founded by two gals! Gals who enjoy spending time outside: hiking, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, canoeing, camping, and more.

We’re gals who have a reverence for Mother Nature and a great appreciation for her power to make us feel at home whenever we’re in the outdoors. We love how she brings us peace, peace that takes us out of our heads and helps us get to know ourselves better. And we believe that it’s imperative for all of us to be good stewards of the planet because without Mother Earth, we’d be without a home.

We’re gals who are lucky to be surrounded by women and girls like us, who spend much of their time in nature. Who canoe the Boundary Waters. Who explore our national parks. Who teach kids about nature. Who hike the Ice Age Trail. Who kayak the Apostle Islands. Who tend to fresh fruits and veggies in their backyard gardens. Who have a great appreciation for the plants and animals around us.

To honor both Mother Nature and women’s equal place in the outdoors, we’ve released a new line of goods, our Nature Is Female line.

We are donating 10% of the proceeds from each Nature Is Female product to GirlVentures to support girls to become leaders of inclusive, resilient communities where nature is accessible to everyone and conserved for future generations. And in the future, we will donate 10% to other inspiring organizations that support girls and women in nature.

We love that women and girls everywhere—of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexualities, and other diverse backgrounds—are finding their place in the outdoors and affirming that nature is a place for all people.

At Gitchi, we acknowledge the rich spectrum of gender and gender identity. By "women and girls", we seek to affirm anyone who identifies as female, including cisgender, transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming.

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