take adventures.

Indulge in experiences. Traverse new lands.
Play whenever possible. Take risks. Let yourself feel fully alive. 

seek out wild places.

Let nature be your home.
Allow its simplicity to give you the space to look inside and truly know yourself.
Going out is really going in.

At Gitchi, we create

responsibly-made goods

for people who

love life in the outdoors.

We do this with
our own reverence for the outdoors,
a desire to inspire others to spend time in nature,
and an unwavering belief that appreciating the wild
is synonymous with caring for the planet.

We know that when we combine
the spirit of adventure with wild places,

amazing things happen. 

Hiking to new heights. Jumping into cool lakes on hot summer days.
Relaxing in a hammock in the middle of a forest.
Bombing down hills on our bikes with wind through our hair.
Looking up at the night sky and feeling like a small part of something far bigger than us.

this is what life can be made of.