Our North Star

Before we ever sold anything, before posting photos to our Instagram account, and before meeting with an accountant to file business taxes, we took time to dream up and scribble down the ideals we wanted Gitchi to embody. These have become Gitchi’s North Star, guiding us as we continue to grow: 


Sustainability: Seeking to incorporate environmental stewardship and social equity into all aspects of what we do.
Inclusivity: Helping to push the needle toward diversity and equality in both the outdoor industry and the great outdoors.
Transparency: Doing business in a transparent way, with unwavering integrity, and always being accountable to you as our customer.
Authentic Relationships: Creating authentic relationships with our customers, relationships based in trust. Knowing that by choosing us, you are investing in us. So we make sure you're investing in something that you value and believe in.
Humility: Doing good work while not taking ourselves too seriously.
Gratitude: Always being mindful of how lucky we are to do this work, with the great people we meet along the way.
Creativity: Doing work that is creative and inspired. Innovating and thinking outside the box, particularly when it comes to sustainability.
Curiosity + Learning: Asking questions, thinking deeper, and always trying to hone our skills and gain new knowledge to help us do better work.
Kindness: Treating others with warmth and respect.
Having Fun: Recognizing that life is meant to be enjoyed, and sharing that enjoyment with you and everyone we work with.




Co-Founder and Lover of Utah Waterfalls

Sam Peterson

Co-Founder and Lover of Oregon Waterfalls



The Gitchi name pays homage to our favorite of the Midwest's oceans, Lake Superior. Called "Gitchi Gumi" by the Anishinaabe people, it has been a symbol of both incredible wonder and peace to many.  

The Gitchi is where we ignite our adventure in the outdoors. Kayaking and swimming the sea caves (in summer). Trekking through the breathtaking ice caves (in winter). Cozying up to a campfire while entranced by the Northern Lights with the Gitchi's waves as our soundtrack.

This is the great water that holds a dear place in our hearts.