Sustainable and Durable

We strive to make sustainable and durable goods from sustainable and durable materials. We know that as humans, we’re not perfect. There are times when we may not hit the sustainability mark on our first try, but we’re continually refining our practices and incorporating new technologies in the pursuit of doing it better for the planet and its people. 

We’re not down with greenwashing. Instead, we try to be radically transparent in all of our sustainability initiatives. 


We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet, an organization that connects businesses and consumers with nonprofits, to create positive change for the planet and its people. When you buy our goods, we contribute 1% of our gross revenue to sustainability-based organizations that are doing the work of preserving the planet for generations to come. We feel that directly contributing funds to the people who are already working on the “front lines” of important sustainability issues is the best model of giving and service that we can follow. 


Attempting to be truly sustainable in the apparel world is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. At Gitchi, we’re tirelessly searching for that needle. Here are some of the priorities we aim for:

  • Made in the USA: To keep jobs in the U.S. and to reduce our carbon emissions from transportation.
  • Organic and GOTS Certified Cotton: GOTS stands for “Global Organic Textile Standard” and is the gold standard for ensuring that cotton is not only grown organically, but is processed in an environmentally and socially responsible way throughout the supply chain. We believe that harvesting organic cotton is only one part of the equation. And GOTS takes care of the rest.
  • Recycled Polyester (RPET): In a world of seemingly infinite plastic bottles entering our waste streams (and oceans) every day, why use polyester from virgin plastic? RPET transforms recycled plastic bottles into a high-quality apparel fiber.
  • Hemp: Hemp grows efficiently on small amounts of land, requires little water, and thrives without any pesticide use.

In each of our product descriptions, we tell you exactly what our goods are made of and where they were made. Some of our garments hit the mark; some are close, but not quite there. For the latter, we promise to keep plugging away.


All of our prints are produced on paper that is:

  • FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified for responsible forestry practices.
  • Green-e® Certified for using 100% renewable electricity in making the paper.
  • Green Seal™ Certified for a number of sustainability measures that promote the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products.
  • Produced from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber. No new materials are used to make it. 


We try very hard to ensure that our packaging has as little impact on the planet as possible. We use packaging that is:

  • Made in the USA: To support jobs in our domestic economy and to reduce our carbon emissions from transportation.
  • Made from 100% recycled content: No new materials are used to make it.
  • Reusable: Reusable packaging is the gift that keeps on giving! We highly encourage our customers to pay it forward.
  • Recyclable: If you have to dispose of it, it can always be recycled.
  • Biodegradable (can be composted): Most, but not all, of our packaging is biodegradable, which means it will return safely to the earth. All it takes is a backyard compost pile. 

CARBON-Neutral ShippinG

Every time our customers place an order, we ship them a package filled with our adventure goods. We love this. But transporting this package emits carbon into the atmosphere. We don’t love this. So for every package we send to a customer, we purchase carbon offsets to help negate those emissions. We do this through Terrapass, who invests these offsets in emission reduction projects like renewable energy, capturing methane from landfills, and planting forests which sequester carbon.