giving back to the lands we love

By virtue of being an American, you share in the ownership of some of the most beautiful places this country has to offer. National parks, state trails, county forests, city parks, the list goes on and on. These public lands belong to each and every one of us. And we think this is a beautiful and important thing.

At Gitchi, we care about protecting, maintaining, and growing our public lands. Through our Public Lands Pledge, we help to ensure that all of us have the opportunity to experience America’s wild places.   

Our Public Lands Pledge is simple: Every time you buy from us, we donate a part of each and every purchase to support our national parks, state parks, and other beautiful spaces in nature for all to enjoy.

Our Public Lands Pledge Infographic

And because we like transparency, we tell you exactly what percentage of each purchase will be donated and which public lands organization will receive the donation. All of this information is available under each product listing (in our online store) and on our packaging (in our retail locations).

Thank you for helping us invest in our public lands and helping
all people to benefit from and enjoy our nation’s most beautiful spaces.

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