Chronicling Your Life Fully Lived

At Gitchi, we feel pretty deeply about living life to the fullest and making the most of our time on this beautiful planet. We opt for experiences that make us feel fully alive. Hiking up mountains with amazing vistas, bombing down hills on bicycles, gazing up at the night sky and feeling part of something so much bigger. And we believe that the recipe for a life fully lived is actually pretty simple. 

Taking in Houghton Falls State Natural Area, Wisconsin

Finding your place in nature is easy. It involves getting outside, away from the bustle of our daily lives, and allowing ourselves to have a relationship with the great outdoors. It’s about finding home in the trees, atop the mountains, under the stars.

John Muir once wrote of his relationship to nature, “I drifted about from rock to rock, from stream to stream, from grove to grove. Where night found me, there I camped. When I discovered a new plant, I sat down beside it for a minute or a day, to make its acquaintance and hear what it had to tell… I asked the boulders I met, whence they came and whither they were going.”

Getting to know the Oregon Coast

Here at Gitchi, we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of igniting your adventure. We believe in it so much we made it our tagline. We believe adventures come in all sizes: some of us enjoy summiting Everest, while others of us revel in a casual hike of through our favorite state park.  All of these experiences are adventurous. What’s most important is that they allow us to see the world and ourselves in new ways. 

We also feel pretty deeply that when you’re experiencing all that life has to offer – from the peaks to the valleys – it’s important to chronicle it. 

A Handwritten Record of a Life Fully Lived

A Handwritten Record of a Life Fully Lived

Your story matters, so write it down. Documenting your outdoor adventures – from the risks you take to your introspective moments in nature – is a great way to honor your experience on this planet. Write words. Sketch pictures. Create a handwritten record of a life fully lived. 

Your story may only be for you. Write it down to recall fond memories, to give yourself future inspiration, to honor your outdoor adventures. Or your story may be for others.  Write it down for the sake of posterity, to inspire those around you, to let experiences be known.

We’ve created Adventure Notebooks to remind you to seek adventure in the great outdoors and to chronicle your thoughts, lessons, and stories.

Adventure Notebooks

Adventure Notebooks

For the time you watch the Northern Lights dance above Lake Superior after a day of kayaking the sea caves. For when you hike through narrow slot canyons in southern Utah while the sun invades the crevasses and warms your face. For your time spent in your favorite park, listening to the birds chirp and watching chipmunks jump from tree to tree. For the day you summit Everest. Big and small, your adventure stories give life more meaning.

Give yourself a life fully lived. Ignite your adventure. Find your place in nature. And get writing. You have a story to tell.